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Test Tube Vase, Propagation Vase

Test Tube Vase, Propagation Vase

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Bring a touch of nature to your home and cultivate new life with this beautiful propagation station, handmade in my shop in North East, Maryland.

The base is a 2-inch round piece of poplar wood with a hole securely holding a glass test tube vase.

Choose from two sizes:

  • Small: This station stands 2 inches tall.
  • Large: At 4 inches tall, this station features an angled top.

Both sizes feature a clear glass test tube, which allows you to admire the fascinating process of plant propagation as roots sprout and grow.

This propagation station is a lovely way to:

  • Propagate your favorite houseplants - Take cuttings from your pothos, philodendron, or spider plant and create new plant babies!
  • Gift a unique and eco-friendly present - Fill the test tube with a cutting from one of your plants for a thoughtful gift for any plant lover.
  • Add a touch of greenery to your home - The clean lines and natural materials make this propagation station a stylish addition to any desk, windowsill, or shelf.

Each propagation station is handcrafted with care, ensuring a unique and beautiful piece for your home.

Please note: Plant cuttings and test tube water are not included.

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