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My name is Meg Rubinstein. I'm a design enthusiast with a knack for problem-solving. Many years ago, I was searching for the perfect coffee table. One that had a lot of storage - I always seem to buy houses that are lacking in the storage department. During my search, I ran into a couple of issues. The tables that fit my budget lacked the quality and features I wanted, while those that met my needs were way out of my budget. So, armed with a circular saw and drill, I took matters into my own hands - designing and building the perfect coffee table for my space. Little did I know the idea for my business was born.

Transforming moments, spaces, and experiences with handcrafted items that embody creativity, evoke nostalgia, and bring joy.

Sugarberry Designs is my one-woman studio based in North East, Maryland, where I combine the timeless craft of woodworking with modern graphic design to make handcrafted furniture, home accents, art, and stationery of the highest quality. In addition to ready-to-order products, such as serving trays and wall art, I specialize in creating custom, tailor-made products that cater to your unique needs.

Ultimately, my goal is to allow individuals to express their unique identity through customized, handcrafted home accents and gifts, bringing joy, warmth, and personalization to every person by offering affordable options without compromising quality or artistic value.

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